Yii Development

Yii is one of the best and high-performance PHP frameworks to develop Web 2.0 applications. It has many features including MVC, DAO/Active record, etc. Yii is a PHP framework based on high-performance components that were developed to create high-quality web applications. Yii was designed around components in order to accelerate the development of Web applications by simplifying the reuse of existing code.


To run a Yii Web application, you need a Web server supporting PHP 5.1.0 or higher. For developers who want to use Yii, knowledge of the basic principles of object-oriented programming (OOP) is a plus because Yii is a simple OOP framework.

To what use Yii is optimal ?

Yii is a generic framework designed to make web programming. In this sense, it can be utilized for all kinds of web applications. However, low memory footprint and sophisticated caching systems make it particularly suitable for application development has strong audience such as portals, forums, content management sites (CMS), e-commerce sites, etc.

How is Yii positions vis-à-vis other frameworks ?

Like most PHP frameworks, Yii is based on the MVC pattern.

Highlights Yii is efficiency, functionality and clear documentation. Yii was designed from the outset to enable the development of high-quality web applications. This is not the derivative of an existing project or aggregation of third-party components. This framework is the result of the rich experience of the authors as well as the analysis of the best framework and market Web applications.

Why Yii ?

Developed to simplify the reuse of existing code and thus accelerate the development of Web applications, Yii does not long to show you his strength and flexibility. Indeed in just 10 minutes you Yii proposed a functional website. This site generated is certainly not complete, but already offers a substantial base with three pages that I think is on all the websites.