User Experience Design

Only successful experiences make a difference to engage your consumers increasingly mature and demanding. Our methods open up new possibilities for designer services and engaging and different experiences. We help our customers to gain market share and imagine new services through our different techniques of ideation. Followers methods of collaborative design, iterative and collective intelligence, we have a real culture of designers.

The UX design focuses on the user experience. It is a comprehensive process that takes into account the content, design, site architecture, so that the user easily achieve its purpose (purchase, research information ). Many factors come into account during the design of the site, and also after-ward, with user feedback.

We help you ask the right questions. An example: when you go on a travel website, you would expect to find it quickly? What should we offer? What is the behavior of your target audience on this site ?

We develop the prototypes necessary for the implementation of your project. A wire-frame or ergo-layout is not a graphical representation of the architecture of a website. This step is essential in a Web project as it allows to place on a page the various information areas to meet your business goals and expectations of your target audience.

It is during this stage that our UX Designer will define the practices to adopt on your site or application.

It is an important strategic point to keep the user on your website and leave a good impression. Specifically, we analyze your needs and offer innovative solutions in line with the web standards