Our SEO offers are aimed at companies that have a presentation site, online service, catalog or e-commerce site. The offers "visibility 20" and "visibility 50" allow an appearance on the services of research with specific geographic areas and provide an optimal local listing on Google. The offer "Visibility 100" is suitable when a larger competition is present especially for e-commerce sites.

What is the SEO of a website ?

The goal of SEO is to understand search engines the theme of your website and its added value compared to competitors. It is mainly the content of your site that will help to differentiate and position your site. We apply a simple methodology that breaks down into two stages. The first will be to explore your site and strategic keywords for your business, those used your prospects and customers. Once they have been identified, we will integrate SEO into your content to provide the right information to search engines. Various technical optimizations will be performed in parallel on your site. The second step is to promote your site on the web by publishing content to directories and other sites with links directing to your site. This action will strengthen the reputation of your site with search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. by finding that content and the research engines links will appear your site on strategic keywords that we selected you.

What is the deadline for the appearance of the first results on Google ?

SEO work on your website will be considered progressively by the search engines. It takes on average a period of 3 months duration in which we track the ranking of your site