Responsive Web Design

Implementation of responsive web interface with optimizing the interactional architecture and various navigation elements (UI design). Performance, ergonomics, improved usability and accessibility to provide the best user experience (UX design).

What to remember: that users are increasingly mobile and media are multiplying at great speed, route responsive web design ( RWD ) remains the most simple and flexible solution to fit with many current devices and coming to websites dedicated primarily to consultation information.

Adapt Your Site Into Responsive Web Design

Beyond adapting your site to the mobile format, responsive web design ( RWD ) is a user experience that is allow the user complete immersion in a website regardless of the terminal used .

The concept of responsive web design (adaptive web design) brings together different technologies and principles but generally indicates that site is designed to adapt to different screen sizes and different terminals to display the website (browser , tablet, smartphone, connected TV, ).

We design, usually 3 to 4 templates to be mapped after identifying families resolutions. This technology relies mainly on the use of different style sheets css according to the size of browsers.

Thus, the "mobile users" will have a user experience tailored to their device without degradation and without using the zoom feature (or another type of scale).

Benefits of responsive web design

  • A simple navigate , ergonomic website
  • Optimized and enjoyable read content
  • Resizing images
  • The reorganization of information to optimize the user experience
  • No redirection links, no version detection, and operating system
  • Low maintenance

The feel of your web interface, either standard or mobile, is at the heart of the success of this transaction appearance. We develop customized tools to tempt your customers to take action and interact with you.