Php Development

PHP was created to be able to build dynamic websites. Over the years, frameworks and libraries were developed in PHP to make today a real professional platform for creating enterprise applications.

This framework, one of the most popular and most used in the world is Symfony. It brings a number of really interesting features that build a reliable and powerful PHP application significantly reducing development time.

With his experience in the development of PHP applications in the Symfony framework, gained in various projects, WebAstral Infosystems accompany you in the design, implementation and deployment of your PHP projects.

The development of graphical user interfaces

For the development of graphical interfaces, we use the jQuery UI framework that offers a library of graphical components and visual effects for creating web applications.

WebAstral Infosystems developing for more than 10 years of dynamic websites and web applications in PHP. We produce web applications PHP meet the specifications of our customers.


We adopted the PHP programming language as the main technology behind our content management systems (CMS) and this for several reasons. The most important is that our customers enjoy many benefits that translate into economy, and without compromising on quality. How ?

First, PHP is free and requires no license. PHP web programming language used most. There is a very active developer community makes available tens of thousands of high-quality PHP libraries as well as a vast amount of documentation and tutorials for the benefit of everyone. These resources facilitate our work and reduce our turnaround time.

In terms of speed and efficiency, PHP has nothing to envy to other languages. Several popular portals and requiring a lot of performance in use. We have to think of Facebook, Yahoo, the CBC, Canoe to name a few. To learn more about PHP

Other Significant Advantages

PHP is an easy language to learn

PHP was designed specifically for the Web is, therefore, secures well with Web technologies such as XML, API, remote services, the various browsers and much more.

To Achieve Its Applications Php, WebAstral Infosystems Uses

  • Php
  • MySQL
  • HTML 5 / CSS 3
  • Bootstrap
  • Javascript / Jquery