OpenCart is an online resource that was built to make life easier for merchants and customers to interact. Based in an open source environment, this shopping cart solution gives you to the ability to have your business be search engine friendly with a user interface that is welcoming and inviting.

It is a free open source e-commerce platform for online merchants that is extremely user-friendly and intuitive. It provides a professional and reliable foundation for a successful online store. This foundation appeals to a wide variety of users; ranging from seasoned web developers looking for a user-friendly interface to use to business owners just launching their business online for the first time.

OpenCart is designed to be a feature-rich, easy-to-use, search engine friendly platform with a visually appealing interface.

Advantages of choosing OpenCart

Below, we take a quick look at some of the advantages of choosing OpenCart development for your e-commerce needs no matter how big or small your company is

  • Simple store set upA straightforward setup process is one of the major OpenCart benefits. This platform was developed with users in mind. Not only technology experts but also even non-advanced merchants can easily create a shop. You can launch an online shop in four simple steps.
  • Easy to install process of OpenCartChoose one of the wide ranges of OpenCart themes. Add products and fill-in product details. Configure functions and modules like languages, payment and shipment methods. That’s it! Now you are ready to receive orders and sell products. As you can see, the process of installation is quite easy and does not require technical knowledge. In addition, since it is written in the PHP programming language, you can easily find cost-effective OpenCart developers to help you with any type of customization that you need.
  • No technical expertise needed Business owners need to focus on their business and not spend days trying to figure out how to use a CMS platform for their online business. When you chose to go with OpenCart development, you can easily manage, edit and add information to your e-Commerce site even if you have little or no technical background. OpenCart is super-easy to use and almost anyone can figure out how to use with minimal or no help.
  • Performance and usability Site speed is one of the key points that affect customer’s shopping experience. OpenCart shopping cart is lightweight e-commerce solution that uses AJAX technology in order to reduce load time and thus increase store speed.OpenCart admin panel is simple to use doesn’t require too much time to get through the learning curve. As a result, managing store is as simple as a pie. On the other hand, shopping cart provides a possibility to use numerous features to increase usability for clients: one-page checkout, smart site structure that simplifies shop navigation, handy search, etc.
  • Complete ControlAs the owner of an e-commerce website, you need to have great flexibility and control of your e-commerce website. When you choose to go for OpenCart development, you will have the complete control and flexibility you need to run a successful online business. OpenCart gives you tons of functionality/features and allows you to do almost anything you need to make sure your online business is successful. OpenCart has an extensive set of features that give a strong hold over the customization of your store. With its powerful tools, you can help your online shop live up to its fullest potential!