Laravel Developement

Laravel is an open-source framework written in PHP. It is the ideal tool for creating platforms and applications online leaning back perfectly to customer needs. Welcoming modules such as user management and the creation of forums natively, Laravel is the VMC framework (view / Module / controller) the easiest to use and most powerful at the moment

The framework is an organized a set of libraries and software components hierarchically to create computer programs. So no need to code everything because components can be integrated to manage user authentication, sending emails, managing secure forms, etc. Laravel is a tool supported by a large community. It changes regularly and above all, it is very secure. Its code meets the standards of advanced programming.

It has a tool called Artisan, which allows creating a single command (console) for skeleton models, "migration," i.e., the dynamic fields whose data will be stored in the database, the controller ( conductor between the model, view, and data), validation rules.

Its architecture is clearly oriented MVC, and ORM Laravel uses "Eloquent" to perform the "mapping" between objects from the models and the database.

What type of applications using Laravel ?

No matter your industry, you can integrate into modern management application all the data you manage manually, from applications Office / LibreOffice for example. This can be for example a stock management application, accounts for your business (hair salon, clothing brand ), property management for the case of an agency with apartments, houses, and terrains. It is necessary to productivity gains by reducing the time spent performing the sometimes repetitive tasks. It is also reducing the error rate through an alert system that will warn you of duplicates for example.

The back your data management office can be set up very quickly because Laravel has a library to manage forms. This is larval collective. With Laravel, no monolithic application. We will implement the data controller by advanced programming principles to retrieve data from the database and display them in lists in tables. Then it only remains to edit your data

Security is guaranteed firstly with a user authentication control, but also by a permissions management we can build together and with tokens (token) security automatically added into the input masks. Also know that Laravel offers the "soft delete," meaning that the record disappears from your back office, but it is not deleted.

A Laravel Developer for you

Whether you are a company whose need is to achieve a specific platform with controlled and limited access or you are a communications agency whose knowledge lacking internally, remember our Laravel expertise and lean on our developing knowledge Laravel for your future projects

If you are looking for a developer Laravel PHP, we have the ability to insert ourselves easily into your site design projects, and at any time: whether to start for taking a brief.