Keyword Research

Keyword research is an essential task for the success of any website as these are belongings which people uses to get their query solved and on the basis of any search engine ranks website through its search result. A perfect or nonperfect according to client visiting, keyword research decide whether ranking of any website.

Keyword Research mainly include the following types.

  • Global Keywords: These are the keywords which are used by general people for search queries and provide the best assets of traffic.
  • Local Keyword: These keywords provide a good balance between the traffic volume and connection with your website. These type of keywords are mainly used to get the business from a particular region of any area.
  • Long-Tail Keywords: These keywords mainly comprises of 4+ word phrases. These are particular phrases with the low-level competition. These type of keywords are inexpensive and provide most reserved users.
  • Information Keywords:These are used when any user is looking for particular information or searching for any products.
  • Navigation Keywords: These keywords are used when people are looking for a particular brand or company/organization.
  • Seasonal Keywords:These keywords are used on particular occasions especially on gifts and other things.

It is one of the foremost things which is done by our analysts by reviewing website and identify which type of keywords are best suited according to the theme of the website.

Our researching team, of WebAstral Infosystems, makes a research using various research tools to understand the requirements of the client better. Our best analyst select the keyword as per the requirement by keeping in mind the targeted people or its other aspects, and then we develop clear, measurable objective for any projects.