Framework is basic structure of programming which you can build your program. It allows to connect with other API's and to pre determine the skeleton of your own application. Once you have the framework pre configured, it helps to keep things extremely easier. A Framework is a toolkit designed by one or more developers to other developers.

Objective of a framework

The primary purpose of a framework is to improve the productivity of developers coding. Often organized into different components, a framework offers the possibility to the final developer to use some components to facilitate its development and allows it to focus on the most important.

As an example there Symfony2 in a component that handles HTML forms: their display, validation, etc. The developer who uses it focuses on essentials in its application: every form performs an action and it is this action that is important, not the forms. Extend this principle to an entire application or a website and you understand the value of a framework! In other words, the framework deals with the form and allows the developer to focus on the bottom.

There are many benefits of framework developments

  • An active community that uses the framework and contributes in return
  • Quality documentation and regularly updated
  • Source code maintained by accredited developers
  • A code that meets the programming standard
  • Guaranteed long-term support and updates that do not break compatibility etc.