CodeIgniter is a PHP framework powerful, yet lightweight, based on the operation of Ruby on Rails and adopting the architecture MVC (Model-View-Controller).

Originally developed for specific business needs EllisLab in 2006, it has since adapted the open source status. CodeIgniter is particularly easy to use, powerful and remarkable execution speed. It is highly recommended for novice developers.

The main features of CodeIgniter

  • Compatible PHP 4 et PHP 5
  • Ease of handling
  • Integration & Architecture MVC
  • Object oriented Completely
  • Important active community
  • Flexibility and evolving

CodeIgniter is a PHP framework that like any framework reduces development time and optimize application code.

It is particularly flexible and suitable for beginners as easily understandable.

Less known than CakePHP and Zend, CodeIgniter is maintained by the Company EllisLab and remarkably documented. It is constantly evolving and outstanding library collection greatly contributes to productivity gains that are expected of a framework for developing applications of all kinds.

Its ease of use compared to Symfony and Zend contributes to its popularity among developers PHP.

CodeIgniter is a framework ideal for the development of small and medium applications. Indeed it requires few resources while providing maximum functionality. It's caching system providing excellent performance and minimizes the impact on page load.

Its main assets: extreme lightness, strength and reliability. Easy to install and accepting multiple environments.

Why the framework CodeIgniter?

After more than ten years in PHP development, our PHP developers have chosen to target the thought CodeIgniter framework to offer the best current solution PHP frameworks to our customers!

SecurityThe CodeIgniter framework is developed by a very active developer community including risks related to IT security.

StabilityUnlike many frameworks, CodeIgniter is one of the most stable currently available, no wonder that the use of great solutions!

Very active community The community behind CodeIgniter is one of the most active in the world because large PHP solutions as Opencart have already opted for CodeIgniter. Reactivity provided with each release.

No limit in the projects Contrary to other PHP frameworks (Symfony, Zend ...) no need to engage in massive development to achieve the goals.

Contact us to ensure that your project will be done in the utmost respect of the rules of CodeIgniter framework, to have the best code to meet your specific needs and in short, put the odds on your side so that your project a success