PPC Services

What are the ads and PPC campaigns ?

The PPC Marketing (Pay Per Click) is a way to create and run your ads to people who will be most susceptible be intéresséss in your products or services.

Unlike the organic/natural traffic (generated with SEO), with PPC marketing we will drive traffic to your website through direct advertising on results pages for searches engines.

Your ad will appear above all organic results for a particular keyword and keyword phrases word, and the estimated cost per click (or printing) received by your ad.

We manage our clients 'accounts on a daily basis, and we monitor prices clicks and budget to ensure that we maximize the volume and return on investment to achieve our clients' business goals (leads, sales, visits, etc.).

When he is focused and optimized the Marketing Pay-Per-Click (search or display) may be the most effective way to get direct and targeted traffic to your website.

Why is PPC marketing important to your business ?

There are multiple benefits to PPC marketing campaigns for your business

  • PPC marketing can target your ads by keyword, location, time, and other devices. You can choose your daily budget, and your campaign can be paused/stopped at any time.
  • You will be able to show your ads to users when they are looking for a product or service like yours. If you have an attractive advertising slogan and appélatif, the chances of clicks on your ad will increase.
  • You will lead your potential customers on the page of your choice. This page should clearly inform your visitors about the action you want them to do, and you can also check whether this action will succeed.

How can we help you manage your PPC campaigns ?

Members of our team have significant experience in marketing campaigns and PPC. They will help you achieve your business goals with PPC campaigns as follows

  • Conduct thorough keyword research to select the most interesting for your business.
  • Create and configure your campaigns.
  • Create ads - divided into groups for each category of product/service - with catchy texts and with a strong "Call To Action" (click) that will convert.
  • Analyze the performance (clicks, impressions, CTR, Quality Score, the proposed values) for each keyword.
  • Improvements in the country (excluding non-essential keywords, adding negative keywords, add new keywords and optimization proposals).
  • Improve existing ads and develop new ads based on models that have been most successful.

We have extensive knowledge and experience and certifications to offer a first class service and give you a positive return on investment for your PPC campaigns.